Spring 2020 and Covid 19

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It’s Early April 2020, and we are in what is supposed to be the peak week of Covid-19, and farm life goes on.

I am currently on layoff from my new to me job at Shanty Creek. I applied for a promotion in January. Of course I got it, which made me super happy. I worked dual departments for a few weeks until I moved permanently to the Conference Services office. That was pretty fun. I will get to go back soon after the Michigan State of Emergency is over, and I cannot wait.

In the Meantime, at Flynn Orchard’s… I have been working on behind the scenes stuff for Jed. Paperwork is always needing done. Verifying what has been ordered, and what was missed and still needs to be ordered. Along with the game of keeping everything running with multiple part runs for vehicles over the last few weeks. I was joking with some friends and family that I think we are replacing the truck one piece a a time.

Jed has been busy with seed starting, mixing soil, propagating herbs and rhubarb plants. He rebuilt the germination room walls this spring. Its an every 3 year process. Ground cover is once again covering at least half of the hoophouse, there is a good beginning of flats on the ground inside and outside of the germination room.

We are replacing 3,000 strawberry plants this spring. They arrived yesterday. Jed and I have been debating just where we want those guys to live for the next 3 years. Up by the road or back in the field near the house. We have to decide pretty fast now. I am sure that will be the topic of discussion this evening. Along with coaxing the kids to help prep and plant.

Lastly, I am going to be share a link below of various products that we use on our farm. Many people ask me in the spring what we use and where we get it from. Honestly, in the spring, Amazon is one of my best friends.


I hope you have a great day!

~ Bonnie Flynn