Community Supported Agriculture and Farm to Door Market – Who wants produce delivered to their door?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA in the market farming world. What is it? What does it mean? Who should join one? Why should I join one? What are the benefits? These are just a few of the questions I received when we first decided to try a CSA model at Flynn Orchard’s. So, I am going to answer those and a few more questions about our version of Community Supported Agriculture.
What is Community Supported Agriculture? Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA) is basically supporting your local farmers. Many farms call their weekly produce box a CSA.
Who should join a CSA? In my personal opinion? Everyone who doesn’t have a garden to sustain their families produce needs. But in all seriousness, everyone who wants to maintain a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables while eating locally grown food.
Why join a CSA? By joining a Community Supported Agriculture system you are helping to keep your hard earned dollars in the hands of local farmers who also spend plenty of their hard earned dollars locally, and that helps stimulate the local economy, and that helps everyone in the community. 
What are the benefits of a CSA? The best benefit for you, the customer, is getting locally grown produce in your door and on your dinner table. Whether you join our csa model Farm to Door Market, or someone else’s model, Jed and I love to see people eating produce.
What are the extra benefits of Farm to Door Market? Well there are a few things, in no particular order…..

  1. Our boxes are fully customizable, if you hate tomatoes and zucchini you don’t ever have to choose them for your box! Or on the other hand if you want a box full of cherry tomatoes and slicing tomatoes, we can also provide that.
  2. We grow our own when possible, but we also source from other Michigan farmers. So, not only are you supporting our farm, but other farms as well.
  3. We also deliver to your door or workplace if you live in Gaylord, Bellaire, Mancelona, East Jordan, Waters, and points in between. This doesn’t cost anything extra either!
  4. You can easily skip a week, just login to our website and in your account area you can change the status of your deliveries. Skip just one, or go every other week if that is what works for your family. 
  5. Great Customer Service. We answer emails, return phone calls, and texts promptly and with a smile. We give our customers the best of what we have, and if there are any problems with your order we will take care of you as quickly as possible. 
  6. Our blog will be filling up with seasonal recipes that you will be able to save, or pin on Pinterest.
  7. You don’t have to pay all upfront! Our subscription boxes are paid on a weekly basis! No lump sum payment required.
  8. You can easily change your drop off location by logging into your account. So if your box is normally delivered to your office and your taking a staycation, have us drop off at your door!
  9. Our produce boxes are perfect for those people who would love to have the luxury of fresh produce but lack the ability to make it to a farmers market or roadside farm stand. 
  10. You can get deliveries twice weekly if you choose! My family eats a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and hope you do as well. Order on Monday – Wednesday for Friday delivery or Thursday – Sunday for Tuesday delivery.
  11. The freshest of local produce is procured, at any time of the year.